Landry Dumbo

Tridactyle tricuspis

February 9, 2018 (, Updated )

Epiphytic herb, monopodial, erect, growing on a cypress about 5 m above the ground. Roots prominent. Stem abbreviated. Inflorescences suberect, distichous. Flowers greenish cream, nocturnally scented, with a jasmine-like fragrance. Plant in cultivation (RWA80). A total of 3 duplicates only preserved in spirit. DNA.

29.0° 42.0’ 39.0” N2.0° 33.0’ 7.0” W

João Farminhão – Landry Dumbo – Benny Dumbo – Tariq Stévart

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

OrchidaceaeTridactyleTridactyle tricuspisSpecimen Tridactyle tricuspis