Species Gnidia argentea of the Thymelaeaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Gnidia argentea from the Thymelaeaceae family.

Gnidia argentea

September 20, 2006 (, Updated )

Shrubs 1 m tall. Leaves and bracts silvery sericeous. Bracts 8, upper 1/3 spreading. Floral tube yellow, covered with silver pubescence, 5-lobed. Calyx yellow-orange, petaloid scales light yellow or yellow. Upper whorl of anthers half exserted. Fruits surrounded by persistent portion of floral tube. Silica gel sample. Photo.

26.0° 13.0’ 37.0” N33.0° 5.0’ 6.0” W

Zachary Scott Rogers – Wendy L. Applequist – A.P. Dold

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

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