Species Daphnopsis americana of the Thymelaeaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Daphnopsis americana from the Thymelaeaceae family.

Daphnopsis americana

July 28, 1984 (, Updated )

Arbol hasta 20 m. de alto. Flores amarillas. Frutos verdes.

79.0° 2.0’ 59.0” S1.0° 10.0’ 59.0” E

Calaway H. Dodson – Alwyn H. Gentry – Walter A. Palacios – Jorge Zaruma

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

ThymelaeaceaeDaphnopsisDaphnopsis americanaSpecimen Daphnopsis americana

Synonyms: Daphne bonplandiana, Daphne cestrifolia, Daphne lagetto, Daphne obovata, Daphne tinifolia, Daphnopsis americana subsp. guatemalensis, Daphnopsis bonplandiana, Daphnopsis caribaea var. ecuadorensis, Daphnopsis cestrifolia, Daphnopsis incerata, Daphnopsis lindenii, Daphnopsis tinifolia, Hargasseria cestrifolia, Hargasseria mexicana, Hargasseria schiedeana, Hargasseria tinifolia, Laurus americana and Nordmannia tinifolia.

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