Species Peperomia hispidula of the Piperaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Peperomia hispidula from the Piperaceae family.

Peperomia hispidula

April 18, 2006 (, Updated )

Hierba tallos purpura; hojas con cistolitos blancos vistosos; espigas verdosas. Tejido en silicagel. =Af-10235

69.0° 0.0’ 51.0” S14.0° 47.0’ 47.0” W

Alfredo F. Fuentes

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

PiperaceaePeperomiaPeperomia hispidulaSpecimen Peperomia hispidula

Synonyms: Acrocarpidium hispidulum, Acrocarpidium sellowianum, Peperomia barbensis, Peperomia barbensis var. alajuelana, Peperomia hispidula var. ellipticifolia, Peperomia hispidula var. perhispidula, Peperomia hispidula var. sellowiana, Peperomia perhispidula, Peperomia pilinervia, Peperomia skutchii, Peperomia tenera, Peperomia woodsonii and Piper hispidulum.

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