Species Cattleya violacea of the Orchidaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Cattleya violacea from the Orchidaceae family.

Cattleya violacea

May 8, 1977 (, Updated )

Exposed sand bar in river. Epiphyte, especially on Vitex trees; perianth purple, the lip dark purple with yellow nectar guide, the column white within; flower with a strong perfume

67.0° 39.0’ 0.0” S7.0° 1.0’ 59.0” E

Gerrit Davidse – Ángel C. González

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

OrchidaceaeCattleyaCattleya violaceaSpecimen Cattleya violacea

Synonyms: Cattleya schomburgkii, Cattleya superba, Cymbidium violaceum, Epidendrum superbum and Epidendrum violaceum.

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