Species Aerangis cryptodon of the Orchidaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Aerangis cryptodon from the Orchidaceae family.

Aerangis cryptodon

February 15, 2003 (, Updated )

Herb growing on mossy, humus covered rock in streambed. Leaves thick coriaceous. All flower parts white. Petals reflexed at anthesis.

47.0° 0.0’ 15.0” N20.0° 4.0’ 10.0” W

George E. Schatz

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

OrchidaceaeAerangisAerangis cryptodonSpecimen Aerangis cryptodon

Synonyms: Aerangis caulescens, Aerangis malmquistiana, Angorchis cryptodon, Angraecum buyssonii, Angraecum cryptodon, Angraecum dubuyssonii and Rhaphidorhynchus stylosus.

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