Species Miconia machinazana of the Melastomataceae family

Map location of specimens of species Miconia machinazana from the Melastomataceae family.

Miconia machinazana

June 23, 2009 (, Updated )

Small, profusely branched shrub about 50 cm tall, never attaining as tall as 1 meter. Leaves revolute, with light brown pubescence benearh, in strict decussate arrangement. Corolla pale yellow. Mature fruits pink-reddish, somewhat oblate or nearly globose, fleshy.

78.0° 28.0’ 48.0” S3.0° 53.0’ 59.0” W

David A. Neill – Camilo Kajekai

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

MelastomataceaeMiconiaMiconia machinazanaSpecimen Miconia machinazana

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