Species Trichospermum galeottii of the Malvaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Trichospermum galeottii from the Malvaceae family.

Trichospermum galeottii

January 24, 1998 (, Updated )

tree; to 8 m. Fruit immature

89.0° 54.0’ 0.0” S13.0° 50.0’ 59.0” E

Alex K. Monro – Gerrit Davidse – Karen J. Sidwell – L.E. Escobar

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

MalvaceaeTrichospermumTrichospermum galeottiiSpecimen Trichospermum galeottii

Synonyms: Belotia australis, Belotia colombiana, Belotia galeottii, Belotia grandifolia, Belotia macrantha, Belotia mexicana, Belotia occidentalis, Belotia panamensis, Belotia reticulata, Grewia mexicana, Trichospermum australis, Trichospermum colombianum, Trichospermum grandifolium, Trichospermum macranthum, Trichospermum mexicanum, Trichospermum occidentalis and Trichospermum reticulatum.

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