Species Sterculia costaricana of the Malvaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Sterculia costaricana from the Malvaceae family.

Sterculia costaricana

March 24, 2010 (, Updated )

Tree, to 15 m, leaves yellow-green; fruit brown, inner surface of fruit glabrous, seeds densely pubescent.

83.0° 4.0’ 6.0” S9.0° 49.0’ 1.0” E

Nelson Zamora – Daniel Solano – Alex K. Monro

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

MalvaceaeSterculiaSterculia costaricanaSpecimen Sterculia costaricana

Synonyms: Sterculia costaricana var. glauca, Sterculia glauca and Sterculia recordiana.

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