Species Zapoteca formosa of the Fabaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Zapoteca formosa from the Fabaceae family.

Zapoteca formosa

January 17, 2011 (, Updated )

Arbusto 2 m de altura, con flores blancas.

64.0° 24.0’ 33.0” S18.0° 12.0’ 52.0” W

G.A. Parada – V.D. Rojas – M. Betancur – M. Huanca

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

FabaceaeZapotecaZapoteca formosaSpecimen Zapoteca formosa

Synonyms: Acacia formosa, Acacia gracilis, Anneslia chapaderoana, Anneslia cookii, Anneslia formosa, Anneslia marginata, Anneslia penduliflora, Anneslia yoroensis, Calliandra capillata, Calliandra cookii, Calliandra formosa, Calliandra gentryi, Calliandra gracilis, Calliandra malacophylla, Calliandra marginata, Calliandra penduliflora, Calliandra rosei, Calliandra viridiflora, Calliandra yoroensis, Feuilleea formosa and Feuilleea malacophylla.

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