Species Lumnitzera littorea of the Combretaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Lumnitzera littorea from the Combretaceae family.

Lumnitzera littorea

October 9, 2012 (, Updated )

Tree 13 m tall, 28 cm dbh. Stem; outer bark dark brown, inner bark pink, wood cream. Flowers; calyx yellowish red, corolla 5 lobes red, filaments red, stamens yellow, style red. Fruits reddish green.

127.0° 58.0’ 37.0” N0.0° 28.0’ 55.0” E

Tjut Jul Fatisa Bangun – Ismail Rachman – Roji Mahroji – Desius Saidi

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

CombretaceaeLumnitzeraLumnitzera littoreaSpecimen Lumnitzera littorea

Synonyms: Bruguiera littorea, Laguncularia coccinea, Laguncularia purpurea, Lumnitzera coccinea, Lumnitzera purpurea, Petaloma coccinea and Pyrrhanthus littoreus.

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