Species Agave angustifolia of the Asparagaceae family

Map location of specimens of species Agave angustifolia from the Asparagaceae family.

Agave angustifolia

April 9, 2017 (, Updated )

Planta en roseta, hojas 70 cm, escapo floral 2 m

86.0° 22.0’ 0.0” S12.0° 43.0’ 0.0” E

I. Coronado G. – R.M. Rueda – B. Bustos

Creative Commons BY-SA Tropicos

AsparagaceaeAgaveAgave angustifoliaSpecimen Agave angustifolia

Synonyms: Agave aboriginum, Agave bergeri, Agave breedlovei, Agave costaricana, Agave donnell-smithii, Agave elongata, Agave endlichiana, Agave exselsa, Agave ixtli, Agave ixtlioides, Agave jacquiniana, Agave kirchneriana, Agave lespinassei, Agave letonae, Agave letonae var. marginata, Agave owenii, Agave pacifica, Agave panamana, Agave prainiana, Agave sicaefolia, Agave spectabilis, Agave wightii, Agave wrightii, Agave yaquiana and Agave zapupe.

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